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The Internet is overflowing with lists of investor sites -- do we need another? At American Superior, quality counts more than quantity, so we think this list is special. The following Web locations have unusual merit for their content and ease of use. All but one of them offers free information with only a moderate dose of advertising distraction.

Financial News and General Information Sites

CNN Financial has a fine presentation of the latest business and world news. The site is well designed and free.
The entry page of the  Wall Street Journal on-line mimics the central index columns of the print Journal's front page. This site provides full text versions of the news plus fundamental data and charts in "briefing books" for stocks and funds. [A $100 to $300 annual subscription fee is charged.]
To get the current tone of stock and bond markets quickly, the Bloomberg site is a good choice.
If the greatest breadth of investment information coverage is your goal, visit Yahoo Financial. This site includes a good "historical quotes" link if you need stock or fund data from the past.
Want to vote your corporate meeting proxies on the Web? Go to ProxyVote, enter the "control number" printed on the paper ballot you received, and you can quickly fulfill your shareholder duty.

Government Services and Investor Protection Sites

The Securities & Exchange Commission offers a library of corporate filings and regulatory rulings. It's not an easy site to navigate but much of the content is unique.
A cadre of links to State, Federal and Stock Market regulatory agencies is collected at Investor Protection. This base also explains your basic arbitration rights and warns you about common investment scams.
Want to check your Social Security account status, or learn what benefits might be available to you? This well-organized Federal page delivers.
The value of all E-Bonds, the dates and terms of Treasury upcoming debt offerings can be found at this U.S. Treasury site.
Federal tax forms and tax law considerations are available at the IRS site.
The SEC's "EDGAR" database of all corporate Federal filings is available without charge at the EDGAR Search site. This includes annual, quarterly, 10-K, insider transaction, and IPO prospectuses.

Stock, Bond and Fund Research Sites

Morningstar research gives fundamental profiles of thousands of stocks, mutual funds and closed-end funds.. Also offers sensible articles on the markets and the fund industry. To search for an individual security, enter its symbol or name into the "Quicktake" search box.
MSN MoneyCentral [combining Microsoft and CNBC] is an excellent collection of general financial and investment tools including tutorials on many subjects in money management, stock screening, quotation and chart facilities, news and commentary.
If pictures speak to you better than tables, basic charts of individual stock price histories can be quickly developed at StockCharts.Com. There are also concise chart attachments giving some fundamental data and recent news.
An academic style and in-depth analysis of investment topics is available in the articles of the Journal of Finance. [2003 Update: free access is now limited to article abstracts!]
Corporate, government and municipal bond prices, trade histories and yield curves are given at InvestingInBonds.
"Passive" investment is described, and both mutual- and closed-end index funds are listed, at IndexUniverse.
International stocks, including those traded on U.S. markets as ADRs, may be researched with the links at InvestorHome/International. [Note: This is a good link compilation but expect 10% of the links to be dead ends!] Parent site InvestorHome is also useful as an investor web link source.
SmartMoney magazine (a subsidiary of Dow-Jones) provides unique graphical presentations -- their "Map of the Market" gives an encompassing snapshot of the "hot" and "cold" sectors of the current stock market.
One authoritative source for learning the basics about stock options is the free Chicago Board Options Exchange's Online Options Institute. To reach these CBOE study materials... (1) click on the link; (2) choose "Options Tutorials" on the page that appears next; , (3) accept the CBOE "Terms of Agreement". You're now free to roam the 12-part "Online Learning Center" directory. 
Looking for quality Internet destinations that are less structured, more entertaining, often educational? Visit our Extra Good Websites page.
[Note: American Superior Company receives no compensation or consideration of any kind from the operators of the sites listed above for their inclusion. We do not endorse any products or services these operators may sell or provide free from their sites. Any and all consequences of visiting these sites, and of using or responding to any site content (including downloadable content), are entirely your responsibility and undertaken entirely at your own risk. If you have an unfavorable experience at any of the listed sites, or if there's an interesting site you think we should add to this list, send us an e-mail.

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