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           Our 28th Year of Client Service!

The documents listed below were prepared for North Shore AAII Sub-Group meetings. They are provided in Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format. You may already have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer that  was installed by the manufacturer (there are versions for PCs running DOS or Windows 95/98/NT, and for Macs). To find out if you have this program, search for a folder or file named "Acrobat" on your hard drive.

If your computer does NOT have Acrobat Reader software, you can obtain a FREE download from Adobe by following the directions at this website:

To view or download one of the documents below, RIGHT click on the PDF hyperlink associated with a document's Title. Choose one of these options: "Open", "Open In New Window", or "Save Target As...". The "Open" commands will display the chosen document. [Do not use the "Print Target" option... instead, print a document when it is displayed with Acrobat Reader.]

If you want to save the document to your computer for later viewing or printing, select and click on "Save Target As...". Then, in the "Save As" window that appears next, enter the name of the receiving folder on your computer. Finally, click the "Save" button to initiate the download. After the document file is downloaded to your computer, double-click its icon and it should open in Acrobat Reader.

IMPORTANT NOTE: References to specific securities in these documents should NOT be construed as investment advice by American Superior Company or by the AAII organization. All content is provided for general information and education. 

Estate Taxes: History, Issues and Proposals (April 2001)


18 KB

Data sheet from discussion of Estate Taxes includes their history, "fairness" issues, and recent proposals for tax law changes by President Bush and by Democratic congressmen.
Proxy Statements- Content and Trends (June 2000)


13 KB

Data sheet for discussion of corporate Proxy Statements and Ballots. Why are Proxies important? What should you look for? What are the hot issues for shareholder proposals.
Monthly Stock Watch List (May 2000)


40 KB

Updated Watch List for May. 
Monthly Stock Watch List (April 2000)


38 KB

Past Watch List for April. 
World's Three Biggest Companies (April 2000)

Notes: W3BC-Notes.PDF

Data: W3BC-SS0400.PDF


52 KB

11 KB

Handouts from the April 2000 Meeting discussing General Electric, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems. The Notes discuss different ways of determining which companies are "biggest" and list four technology trends affecting these companies. The Data sheet contrasts 39 investment attributes of the companies. 
Monthly Stock Watch List (February 2000)


32 KB

This latest Watch List provides price performance for securities discussed at North Shore AAII meetings since Jan. 1999. Includes this January's "Best Ideas List for 2000."
Monthly Stock Watch List (January 2000)


40 KB

Past Watch List version; includes performance of all securities studied by the North Shore Subgroup from Jan. 1998 through Nov. 1999.
Market Indexes ( November 1999)


37 KB

This monograph discusses the reasons for creating stock market "yardsticks" (Indexes). The construction of indexes and their limitations are explained. Special attention is given to the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- including the component stock changes made in late 1999.


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