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 Cost of Management 

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           Our 28th Year of Client Service!

Straight Talk on Advisory Fees

American Superior Company is compensated solely by client management fees. We do not sell any investment products; we have NO commission income.

Many investment managers charge fees of 1% to 2% for managed balances up to several million dollars. American Superior's fee schedule has an initial rate of 0.75% for an average managed balance of $500,000, with decremental steps down to 0.35% for larger asset totals. Our moderate fees reflect low operating overhead. Though we continually invest in up-to-date technology to enhance service to our clients and improve productivity, we don't require elegant offices or a prestige address. Those savings pass to you. Clients are responsible for brokerage and tax costs, but our low asset turnover rate helps control those expenses.

American Superior Company seeks managed accounts [often a coordinated set of personal, retirement, custodial, Trust, and other assets] with a minimum total security value of $500,000. We may accept smaller accounts under special circumstances; their management is subject to our minimum fee.

Complete American Superior Company fee information is disclosed in our Form ADV filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission which is provided to all prospective clients.

What's the REAL Cost of Asset Management?

When judging management fees, keep in mind that... a discipline of buying sound securities at appropriate prices and selling them at opportune times, and an avoidance of panic selling during market corrections or euphoric buying near market tops... bring benefit to your portfolio that can far outweigh out-of-pocket Advisor costs.

American Superior also reduces your cost of security ownership by using discount brokerage and block trades, negotiating security prices, keeping asset turnover low, taking timely advantage of re-organization events, and monitoring custodian statements to verify you get every dollar of income due.

Are Advisory Fees Tax-Deductible?

The costs of managing investments, including Investment Advisor fees, are generally deductible on Federal Form 1040 as Miscellaneous Deductions. This can reduce your after-tax Advisory cost by 25% or more. [Note: total Miscellaneous Deductions are subject to a floor deductible amount and other factors that vary with your Adjusted Gross Income  -- consult your tax advisor for full details.]


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